The Zquel Tracker

The Zquel Tracker is a wifi connected, Internet of Things tracker for your heating and air system. With 50% of your energy bill going to Heat and Cooling, it will save the homeowner money by connecting them directly to their HVAC contractor when there is a problem with their HVAC system before the system fails. It also gives the homeowner a way to track their heating and air use and efficiency over the life of the product, giving them usage statistics and an efficiency rating that can help significantly reduce energy use and it's associated cost.

Indoor Air Quality

The Zquel Tracker can monitor the home for the presence of noxious and potentially dangerous compounds in the air. According to OSHA: "one of the main causes of indoor air pollution is poor upkeep of the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system." By notifying the homeowner of the presence of specific volatile organic compounds (or VOCs), the homeowner can take actions such as replacing their ventilation system or simply changing their air filters before health problems have a chance to arise.