About US

About Us:

Zquel, Inc. is a manuafacturer of products for the residential HVAC market. We strive to make seamless connections between the consumer and their HVAC professional through patented, affordable products.

Zquel began in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2015 as a Father, Son team focused on using new technology to enhance Contractor and Technician services and bring value to the customer. Since then Zquel has gained years of experience, insight, and data from the field. Using an easy to understand, patented concept the Zquel monitor began testing in 2020, and released to the market in June, 2022.

Meet Us:

Klaus Hoog, Co-founder, President of operations.

Klaus has over 25 years experience in the Heating and Air industry specifically building and manufacturing HVAC electronics. He is best known for the "Talking Theromostat" invention which allowed customers to get contact information for their HVAC provider at the push of a button.

Klaus lives in Oriental, North Carolina, and holds seven US utility patents, three of them in the area of HVAC.

Eric Hoog, Co-founder, Head of developement.

Eric has over 10 years experience in Programming and product developement. He has previous inventions that were granted patents as well such as the Tankless Commercial Coffee Maker and has experience leading engineering and design teams.

Eric lives in Raleigh, NC, has a degree in Computer Science, and holds five US utility patents, one in the field of HVAC.

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